The dust of war has long since settled, but people do not heal so quickly. The Unification Day Festival provides a balm for some, and rips old wounds open for others.
Join us on Santo for our annual celebration at the rustic Goldborrough Country Estate. This year, the festivities will be in honour of the illustrious Lord Ellorian Goldborrough, recently deceased. Rumour has it members of his family will be in attendance, and that he might have made a small donation to the prize pool of this year’s tournament!

This is a LARP in English, inspired by the Firefly TV-series.

The game is set on the planet Santo in the Firefly ‘Verse and will depict a small, local celebration of Unification Day with all that entails. It is a game about glorious celebration and festive feelings draped over the ugly scars of loss and rivalry left behind after the war.

Characters will generally be larger than life, and have colourful, exaggerated personalities. Many of them will be what can only be described as ‘unsavoury’ types!

We aim for a play style that is dramatic and laced with grim Firefly-esque humour. There will be action, mainly created and driven forward by the players rather than monsters and non player characters.

The events of this game take place two years before the start of the Firefly TV-series and will feature original characters written specifically for the game, not the characters from the TV-series.




What to expect when you are heading into the Black - promises, obligations and practical information
What follows is the “list of ingredients” for Windfall. Please read it carefully before signing up, so that you understand what you can expect from us, the organisers, and what we will expect from you.

What, exactly, is this?
This is a live action roleplaying game (LARP, or laiv in Norwegian), inspired by the Firefly TV-series. Simply put, LARP is cops and robbers for adults. It has a lot in common with impro theatre, but is almost always without an audience. You create your own experience along with the other players, using the tools the organisers/game masters have given you. If you are new to LARP and want to know more you can follow this link, or contact us. We love to blabber on about our favourite hobby 🙂

Playstyle and atmosphere
As mentioned in the intro text, the setting for this game is a small festival in a rustic environment, celebrating the Unification Day. On the outside, it is a party. People are there to relax, unwind, and enjoy themselves. But under the surface there are ill feelings, rivalry, and other negative emotions. On Saturday there will be a tournament with various contests and in-game prizes, and this tournament with be the central framework for the game. We will aim to give all characters a stake in this tourney, in one way or another.

All characters will be created by the organisers so that they all fit together in a cohesive story and add to the plot. The characters will have their own flair, special quirks, and connections to other characters, and we aim to make every single one of them memorable. We want everyone to have the opportunity to be the protagonist in their own story - nobody at this LARP will be playing thug #3 from the right!

The cast will include crooks, criminals, and other shady characters. Good people with troubled pasts, bad people with redeeming qualities, and everything in between. This will not be a story about heroes, but we do want the festival to be a place where the Serenity crew could fit in seamlessly.

We want drama, we want conflict, we want action, and we want the players to drive these things forward. There will be no great outside threat that you need to join forces against. Your character will have their own goals and motivations, and these may very well bring you into conflict with the goals and motivations of someone else! We want you to plot against each other, to start fights, to stab each other in the back. This is a game about dramatic conflict, not about cooperation.

As the game starts, there will be many secrets. You do not “win the LARP” if these are still hidden when the game ends! We encourage you to spill your secrets! Air all your metaphorical dirty laundry and let the drama unfold!

During this game players are in character from start to finish. You sleep in character, wake up in character, go to the toilet in character, and eat in character. If you need a break, we will have a space where you can do so without disturbing the game for others.

Venue, props, and production value
The venue for this game will be Landsbyen in Holtålen, described further under practical information. This is a low budget production. The little money we have will mostly be spent on food for you, the players, and the many things we need to run the game for you: rent to the venue, transportation of ourselves, and some decorations to get that festive feeling. Sadly there will be no space ship parked behind the cabin, no fancy computer systems or other extravagant sci-fi effects, as time and money do not permit the creation of these. We will use the resources we have to make a few improvements in the area to get the feeling and look we want, but it will still be a cabin in the woods and not an awesome sci-fi set.

Rules and systems
A complete system will be presented closer to the game, but in order to let you know what you can expect, we’ll give a brief summary of the mechanisms we will use here:

For close combat, characters will be assigned a combat number. To determine a winner in a fist fight both parties compare numbers and the higher number wins the fight. The fight is then acted out.

For firefights there is no numeric system. Instead, everything will be played out through acting and roleplay. All firearms used must look convincing, make a convincing sound, and be unable to fire an actual projectile. Starter guns will be prefered. Contact us if you are uncertain if you can bring a particular weapon or not.

We will use a simple system for simulating sex, including guidelines for how to make it safe for everyone. Any and all play on sexual violence will be completely forbidden under all circumstances!

Other than this there might be simple metasystems for some situations, as well as a safety system.

Expectations to you, and promises from us
We expect that you create a proper costume. There are no high demands to the costume, but we expect at least a little effort. We expect that you read the materials we give to you, understand them, and ask if you do not. We expect you to be in character at all times. We expect that if you find that you cannot attend, you will let us know in a timely manner (see more about this below).

We promise to answer your questions as soon as we have a proper answer. We promise to send you the information that you need, by the time that you need it. We promise to do what we can to make sure that you have a safe and pleasant experience; this includes having a space where you can relax, check your phone, or just talk about the real world.

When you sign up to a LARP you are not buying a ticket to an event, you are saying yes to the collaborative effort of creating an experience alongside a group of other people. Before this experience can happen, a small part of that group - the organisers - go many extra miles to provide the tools that you need. Hours of work and no small amount of care, consideration, and love go into creating your character, and more often than not it is created especially for YOU.

We do understand that life happens and that you might have to cancel, possibly at the last minute, and that is okay. However, we ask that you respect the effort that we put in and sign up because you want to go - not because you maybe might feel like it if you have the time and the boss is nice and the weather is good. As such, before you sign up, please consider if you truly can and want to participate. Can you afford it? Are you willing to travel to the site? Is sleeping in a tent in September okay for you? Can you get time off from work? We greatly appreciate if you consider all the little factors that dictate if you can go or not BEFORE you sign up, instead of after.

On this note, if there are particular characters (or character traits) you really do not want (or DO want) to play, please do tell us at signup! We will do what we can to accommodate. If by any chance you still recieve a character you are not comfortable with, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can collaborate with you and find a solution! We really do not want you to cancel because you hate and/or cannot play the character!



Practical info

14.9-16.9 Friday to Sunday. Check-in will start at 16:00 Friday.
Briefing will start at 18:00. You are expected to be in costume when briefing starts. Your camp can be prepped later in-game. The LARP starts at 20:00. Please make sure that you are at the site on time, leave work early or take the day off on Friday.
Play will stop Saturday night, followed by a short debrief and an afterparty.
We want you to be in-character 24/7, but please be respectful towards players who want or need to sleep during the night.

There is a toll fee of 50 NOK per car on the road up to Landsbyen.
This is an outdoorsy LARP. Most of the play will be outdoors, regardless of weather! This is Trøndelag, so plan for all seasons in one day. Always prepare for wet and cold weather.

Landsbyen can be reached by car or by public transport. Unfortunately, we do not have resources to arrange collective transport planned by the organisers.
Participants are responsible for bringing their own stuff from the parking lot to the play area. This means carrying your things on a 400m walk up a country road. Organisers can help out as long as the 4-wheeler is available.
Drivers available to help with pick-ups from the train station and nearest bus stop are much appreciated!

By car
To reach Landsbyen by car from Trondheim, take the E6 towards Melhus and Støren. Once you reach Støren, take off to Rv30 towards Støren and Røros. then immediately turn right and use Fv30. Keep going for 50 km until you see a sign saying “Gåre”. Then take right over the bridge, stop to pay the toll and follow the dirt road until you see LARPers.
Coordinates to planet Landsbyen from Trondheim-that-was
There is a small parking space by Landsbyen. It is also possible to park by the road. Please make sure not to block any cars! Drivers are encouraged to fill their car to the brim with participants and stuff!

By public transport
Landsbyen can be reached by bus or by train from Trondheim (there is also a train connection from Oslo on Røros).
Bus 340 Trondheim - Støren - Røros
The bus stop is called “Gåre/Gåregrenda”.

Train to Røros
The train station is called “Haltdalen”.

This LARP will have 40-50 participants.
Players under 18 will need permission from a parent/ guardian. Absolute lower age limit is 16 years (turn 16 in 2018). There will be no exceptions to this rule.
Casting selection will be based on group dynamics, with some preference given to new players.

Ticket price is 650 NOK, of which 300 is non-refundable. Tickets include a hot meal on Friday and Saturday evening.
Casting will be done after the sign up deadline June 1st. Those who are cast will receive a confirmation along with payment details. You will have one week from the date of that email to pay at least the first 300NOK, to secure your spot. The remaining 350 can be paid later, but the full ticket price must be paid by August 1st.
In a perfect world we would cast everyone who signs up, but unfortunately we cannot go over capacity. If you do not receive a spot in the first round of castings, you will be put on a waiting list.

We would like the LARP to be accessible to as many players as possible. For this reason we have chosen to employ a sponsor programme.
If you wish, you can be a sponsor. This means that you pay more than the listed price for your spot. In that case you will automatically be a sponsor for someone who has less money. You will not get anything extra for doing this, except good karma and nice, warm fuzzy feelings. If you want to sponsor someone, please specify how much in your signup form.”
If you want, you can apply for a sponsorship. This means that someone has paid more than the listed price for this Larp as a nice gesture towards people with a more strained economy. You can apply for this in the signup. The discount you get will depend on the numbers of sponsors and money available.

Sleeping arrangements

We have 32 “indoor” sleeping places (10 in Viknahuset, 16 in lavvo tents and 6 in small houses). You will need to bring all your own sleeping equipment. Make sure your sleeping bag is made for cold weather and remember that you can never have too many blankets! People sleeping in Viknahuset should be aware that this is part of the play area so that any baggage or equipment considered “off” should be placed somewhere else or covered up. We accept participants bringing tents. Please contact us if you are planning on bringing your own tent.


Participants should bring their own breakfast, snacks and suitable beverages. Remember no labels and no plastic coke-bottles! Everybody can prepare food on the different outdoor fires around the play area. You need to bring your own equipment for cooking, eating and cleaning up afterwards. Please organise yourselves when you have a camp group. There will be served a hot meal on Friday evening (after play start) and on Saturday afternoon/evening. If you want to contribute in making these two meals, please contact the organisers. We are unfortunately not able to cater to all special dietary needs. If you have a serious food allergy which may result in requiring medical attention, we want to know about it. Water is from a nearby creek and is safe. A water pump is available.


Landsbyen has a free fall outhouse with two stalls. It will contain toilet paper, wet wipes, and hand sanitizers. There is also a very specific tree stump that is designated as a pee spot.

Sign up

This LARP is not “first come, first served”. We will make our selections based on group dynamics with some preference given to new players.


This is an English LARP. Firefly is a a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious setting influencing everyday talk, so feel free to indulge! The bar is not set high. Norwenglish is fine in some instances.

Alcohol, drugs and smoking

Alcohol is allowed but cautioned. We follow Norwegian law, so underaged (18) serving/drinking and all drug abuse is forbidden. Anyone too intoxicated will be firmly put to bed and, in worst case scenarios, removed from the play area. Smoking is allowed, but not inside buildings or tents. Please be respectful of other participants. Cigarette butts go in the fires or trash, not in the forest!


There will be few or no NPCs on this LARP. We want the action to be character driven!


This is set in the future, so all fabrics are allowed! The bar is not set high, but we want to see different cultures, status, occupations, and/or personalities in your costumes. Firefly is a mix of western and science fiction with a heavy asian influence, so please run wild with those inspirations!


There will be an afterparty straight after a short debrief on Saturday night. This is where we party, tell of glorious moments and cheer the organisers and our fellow players!

Cleaning up and leaving Landsbyen

All participants clean up after themselves and their camp. You should also assist the organisers with whatever they need. Nobody can leave Landsbyen before the organisers say so. Check out is Sunday from kl. 14.00. Landsbyen closes at kl. 16.00.


Arena for levende rollespill i Trøndelag




This is where it’s at: After the Earth got used up, humanity found a new solar system with hundreds of new Earths ripe for terraforming and colonization. Some grew rich, flush with technology and resources, others… less so. The central planets, generally all in the former group where wealth and prosperity is concerned, banded together in an Alliance. They wanted to bring everyone in under the one umbrella of regulation and law. The benefits of this plan were not universally acknowledged.

After six long years of war, the Independent faction was eventually crushed at the battle of Serenity Valley on Hera. After their fall, any Independent Browncoats that remained scattered like dust on the wind, drifting towards the outer edges of the system where the arm of Alliance law can’t as easily reach or control. It’s been four years since that day. Four years to heal, to mourn, and to remember.

Firefly is a space western set about 500 years in our future. The human race has expanded beyond the capabilities of the Earth to sustain, and thus set out in generation ships to terraform and settle a new star system.

The planets of Firefly can be sorted into three geographic categories; The Core, where technology is advanced along with the civilisation (in theory), the Rim where things are a lot more like the American frontier, and the Border worlds which exist as a bridge between the two and are somewhere in between.

As Joss Whedon said of his vision for Firefly, “nothing will change in the future: technology will advance, but we will still have the same political, moral and ethical problems as today.”


Featured briefly at the beginning of the episode Shindig, our chosen host planet for Windfall is a gloriously undeveloped piece of setting from the show; ripe and ready for our imaginations to populate it.

The border world Santo orbits the sun Qin Shi Huang and has two moons in orbit; Tethys and New Luhor. Before the war Santo proved a popular destination for the rich and beautiful. The planet was considered one of the greatest triumphs of terraforming, leaving it a picture perfect jewel of blue seas, azure skies and glorious scenery. But the Unification War would change all that.

Gone were Santo’s glory days as a pearl of the ‘Verse and much diminished was the once regular stream of rich and powerful tourists. The planet had escaped physical destruction during the war, but the years during which the clientele were too fearful to travel had done its damage on the local economy. Not even Santo would be free from the brutal scars that such a war would leave behind.

Sweeping holiday estates still remain, owned in name by Core world magnates and politicians, but left maintained to the pure minimum with only a few estate staff still willing to maintain and update like they had in the days before the conflict. Many hotels and casinos were abandoned, leaving just a few to lower their standards and cater to local folk and those of a more questionable moral, often finding new and less savoury ways to attract clientele.

Santo has become known as a “fun” place, no matter what might be your particular cup of oolong. After the war, Casino owners found that they could circumvent Alliance restrictions by operating in this out of the way place, paving the way for the planet to become a Mecca for gamblers, both successful and .. less so.

With the planets resorts beginning to recover from the wounds dealt by the Unification War, Santo is still a popular destination, just this time for the more middle class than exclusively for the ultra wealthy.


The star system this setting inhabits is a star cluster, just like the triple star system Alpha Centauri. It consists of five main sequence stars, around which orbit seven protostars, seven gas giants, three separate asteroid belts, seventy-five planets, and one hundred and forty-nine moons. Four of the main sequence stars orbit a central star.

The five main sequence stars are as follows:  White Sun, Georgia, Red Sun, Kalidasa,and Blue Sun.

Santo orbits Qin Shi Huang, a protostar near the White Sun system.



The Union of Allied Planets, or Universal Alliance, of Anglo-Sino Alliance, is the central government and law-enforcement organisation of the Verse. In its present form, the Alliance came about after the Central Planets fought the Unification War against the Independent Planets that wanted to break away from Alliance jurisdiction.

The Alliance is governed by a Parliament housed on the planet Londinium. The Parliament sets a system wide policy, beneath which each planet (at least within the Core) is allowed to organise its own affairs on a planetary level. Anyone can run for a seat in the Parliament, but the money required to run such a campaign generally prevents the common man from ever actually winning a government position.

Individual worlds are governed by planetary Governors or Magistrates. The Alliance has given deadlines on how such a person is to be elected, but out of respect for the sovereignty of each world policies vary from place to place. Some worlds are fairly governed by honest folk, and on others local political machines or long-standing family dynasties rule.


The dominant culture is a melding of those from the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America which occurred over the course of the long voyage from Earth That Was. The Alliance is also comprised of other cultures, such as muslim, jew, hindu and native american, all of which are part of the complex social fabric.

A majority of folk in the ‘Verse follow the tenets of one religion or another to some degree. Buddhism is the dominant religion throughout the system, particularly in the Core, with Christianity ranking second, claiming larger concentrations of followers on the outer worlds.



Just about every town on every planet and moon has some form of local law, be it a good man with a tin star or a bunch of brigands running around breaking kneecaps on orders from the local magistrate or governor. But whenever something major comes along, like the assassination of a governor or the kidnapping of a powerful Guild leader, the locals call in either the Interplanetary Police (Interpol) or the Marshals.

Interpol deal more with tracking suspects and investigating interplanetary crime than direct enforcement. The direct enforcement of the law and pursuit of criminals across planetary borders falls to the Federal Marshals. Some are righteous keepers of the peace, but there are a few who are more bounty hunter than law man and will go after anyone if the money’s good enough.



The Unification War was fought from 2506 to 2511. The Central Planets had taken much of the system’s resources and technology and left the outer planets to fend for themselves. This was not too popular out in the Rim and after years of unsatisfactory talks, the outer planets seceded from the Alliance and gathered as much support as they could to start their own alliance. A loss of face this large could not be accepted by the Alliance and so the war began.

One of the last and most grisly major battles of the war was the Battle of Serenity Valley. This battle was seen as the last stand for the hard-pressed Independent force son Hera. The war ended there as the Independents were ordered to surrender by High Command after a crushing defeat.

That covers the nitty gritty necessaries for this LARP, but of course there’s still a lot more to the ‘Verse. To keep exploring, visit the Firefly and Serenity Database.


Sign up

Singup is now closed and the shuttle to Santo is soon boarding. The tickets will be ready in due time and those who have a reserved seat will be notified.

If you have signed up and not received a seat in this first round of castings, you are automatically on the waiting list. If you do not want to be on the waiting list, please misbehave and notify us on



A Mighty Fine Hat

…we will make LARPS. Maybe even good LARPs!

A Mighty Fine Hat is a new group of LARP organisers based in Trondheim, Norway.
We six are a sweet mix of relative newcomers and old farts, with a total of eight decades of LARP experience between us (yes, we counted!). “Windfall – a Firefly LARP” this Autumn, will be the first we organize as AMFH.

According to amusing web tests of which Firefly characters represents us best, we seem to be a healthy mix of Mals, Washes and Kaylees, with a tiny hint of Inara. Not the worst crew to have!

Contact us:


Nobody knows the ‘Verse like this gal. She will navigate us safely from the Core all the way out to the Rim.… Read More


As hard working as they come! Knows what we need and what it will cost, and if we can’t buy it, he will make it.… Read More


Chief cat-herder and costuming wizard. She’ll be the one taking the helm of this boat and keeping everything ship shape and shiny.… Read More

Leif Erik

Our computer wizard. He can engineer his way out of anything!… Read More

Hanne Siri

Although a youngling, she really knows her way around the work stations! Mech, tech, writing, and handcraft, she’s got a (1st prize) badge in all of them.… Read More


By far the most experienced LARP organiser of the lot. His insights into game design assures us a path through those pesky meteor fields.… Read More


•  Where: Landsbyen, Haltdal, Sør-Trøndelag •  When: 14th-16th of September 2018 •  Participants: 40+ •  Lower age limit: 16 years (born 2002 or earlier) •  Arrivals from kl. 16.00, briefing at kl. 18.00, LARP starts straight after •  Ends on Saturday evening/night, followed by an afterparty •  Departure on Sunday from kl. 14.00 •  Price: 650 nok •