Windfall Deposit

This is the deposit for Windfall, which we require that you pay within seven days of confirmation of your spot. If you fail to do so, your spot will be forfeit and granted to someone on the waiting list. This … Read More

Windfall participant fee, second part

This is the second part of the participant fee for Windfall – please pay this no later than August 1st. The fee is non-refundable after August 1st. Please note that we also require that you pay the deposit for 300 … Read More

Windfall sponsorship

Want to sponsor another player, or simply improve the quality of the game? This is where you do it! We have received little demand for sponsorship, in the few cases that apply the sponsor have asked to provide for a … Read More


Payment options If you prefer to pay by PayPal or direct bank transfer you need to use our store (which you are now in).   You will find three products in our webstore: Deposit – This can only be bought once, and needs to be paid within … Read More

Windfall Live

This is a LARP in English, inspired by the Firefly TV-series. The game is set on the planet Santo in the Firefly ‘Verse and will depict a small, local celebration of Unification Day with all that entails. It is a … Read More

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By far the most experienced LARP organiser of the lot. His insights into game design assures us a path through those pesky meteor fields.… Read More


Nobody knows the ‘Verse like this gal. She will navigate us safely from the Core all the way out to the Rim.… Read More

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